Curvy & Petite

I had a good time collaborating with my friend & fellow blogger LeChic!! We wanted to put a post together about body types–Every woman should know this. Body shape is about proportion and wearing clothes that look good on YOU! Once you determine your unique body shape, then you will know what to wear or what NOT to wear!
LeChic is curvy, so she opted for a shirt that camouflaged her midsection and the cinching of the shirt (at the waist) also created the illusion of a smaller waist.
I am considered petite/slender—So, cropped jeans are always good; as long as they are proportioned correctly—and especially with a heel or wedge! Oh! the tube top–anything that bares my shoulders and fitted are always good—it elongates my body! 🙂
Top- H&M
Jeans- DIY
Shoes- old alternative
Embrace what the good Lord has blessed you with! 🙂  
new trans 2014 photo NEWTRANS2014_zpsb9035383.png

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  1. Chan says:

    I absolutely love it!! Fellow-blogger @

  2. You two are tooo cute! Love the collab! Keep em coming!

  3. I love this collaboration, you both look great.

  4. Sipokazi says:

    What a great collaboration. I love how you guys show cased both body types. Kudos!

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