Body Types & Denim

Photography by: Kesha
Petite- We gals can pretty much wear almost any cut. It’ s a good idea to wear a pair of jeans that lengthens the legs! For this post I decided to wear a pair of high waisted jeans to create an illusion of height and length! Also, low rise jeans & skinny jeans will flatter our shape and give us inches! Try to avoid anything that is  too baggy, as it will have us drowning in a sea of clothes!  BAM!
Tall- SHOW. OFF. THE. LEGS. Short-shorts are a fabulous way to show your best feature. If you are uncomfortable in shorts, try a flowy skirt! To create curves, try investing in a pair of bootcut or flared jeans that are more fitted at the booty and thigh area, as it will give balance and provide an illusion of a more curvy figure!
Curvy- Myrtis wide leg denim balanced out her bust so she wouldn’t appear top heavy. Her light color shirt allowed the eye to go ‘downward’ and away from her chest! My curvy gals should invest in bootcut and wide leg trousers! 
For all of my hourglass shape women… check out my friend’s BLOG!

By the way– this is my awesome photographer and the winner of Mobile Fashion Week 2013! Heeey, Sequayah
What an amazing time we had!! This post is dedicated to all women– no matter your shape, size, height, or what ever- YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! It’s important we find jeans (clothes for that matter) that does our body some good!
So take a look at the pics and allow us to simplify your search…
This is what we do to have fun in the heat!! 

new trans 2014 photo NEWTRANS2014_zpsb9035383.png

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    I love these posts!!! So cool!

  2. This post is just amazing, You are all working those denim outfits. It's nice to see women being confident in themselves, keep these posts coming!


  3. Love love love!!! I need to find a group of local blogging buddies so we can do the same!

  4. LOVE THIS POST!!!! Y'all better WERK!

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