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HAPPY SUNDAY! I guess this is the week for long coats! 🙂
It’s so much I can say about this coat (or any long coat for that matter), but I’m going to go with the most simple one—the simplicity of this outfit. The best thing about wearing a statement coat–like the military style I have on– you can keep the rest of your outfit simple and classic!
Fun fact: Because Mobile, AL is approximately 2123 miles from the equator our winters days are felt far and between. So I might get to wear my long jackets more than 1 time! :))

Jacket- Express | Express
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- old
Boots- Express 
Clutch- Love, Cortnie

new trans 2014 photo NEWTRANS2014_zpsb9035383.png

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  1. Thats an amazing Coat!

    Princess Audu

  2. LV says:

    that coat is so gorgeous. I don't get to wear coats very often where I live because its warm most of the time.

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