The Scarf

Soooooo, this scarf thing can work in your favor several ways. Most people wear a scarf to cut the chill, while others wear it for ‘chic look’ purposes–but for me, IT WAS BOTH! Even on the most gloomy, wet, cold, windy days your scarf can add STYLE to any outfit!
THE HAIR: I CUT IT!!! I’m still going through the cycle of ‘acceptance’….I go through this every time I cut my hair. Y’all pray for me. LOL!

Scarf- Forever21 (similar color)
Shirt- Forever21 (I got one on every color) 😀
Jeans- old
Boots- Express
new trans 2014 photo NEWTRANS2014_zpsb9035383.png

2 Comments Add yours

  1. So chic and fab! You are working these photos girl!


  2. Thank you, guurrll! xoxo


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