I spy hubby, AGAIN! LOL 🙂
HAPPY SUNDAY! So I originally wanted a shirt with another fashion icon face on it—then I got to thinking…Hey, I can put MY face on a shirt and wear it! WHY NOT! I am…YAS.

COMING SOON!!! I will be holding a 5 week online course for women (and men!)  that are ready to start a path of style self discovery! Topics will include: Identifying Your Personal Style, Wardrobe Essentials, Body Shapes, and so much more! STAY TUNED! Click HERE for more info!

Shirt- YAS Design
Jeans- Forever 21
Shoes- Heels.com
Faux Leather Jacket- Expressalternative
Clutch- Express.com
new trans 2014 photo NEWTRANS2014_zpsb9035383.png

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  1. Omg i love this look and u knocked it out the park with the tshirt

  2. Toya Hall says:

    Your style is everything! Why not wear “You” on your shirt?! You are so cool and I'm so glad that you displayed the price for your online seminar and a description of what it's about. Love your blog as well!

  3. Ayeeee! Thank you! lol!

  4. Awh, Thank you! Giirrrlll, I definitely wanted something affordable! And I love your blog, pretty lady!

  5. Love your t-shirt!

  6. Thank you!! 😀

  7. 611Kimmie says:

    Lovely look and that tee shirt is awesome! 👌

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