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  1. Girl you’re such an inspiration glad I follow you on IG and get inspired by your blog site. Keep doing you your talent is truly God given

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Hey Nikki! I thank God for it! And thank you for the continued support! 😊

  2. Stunning!!!

  3. necie says:

    I love your blog just one question ia there a tutorial on how yk make that white vest since its diy thanks

    1. youngatstyle says:

      It’s ‘DIY JEANS’, not the vest. 🙂

      1. Monica says:

        I’m trying to find these jeans, is there a code on it?

      2. youngatstyle says:

        I purchased these jeans from Old
        Navy about 7-8 years ago; they are the Diva style. I cut holes in them to create the distressed look

  4. Jaclyn Smith says:

    I am looking for the vest? Need brand for poshmark 🙂

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