Oversized Green Coat


Here’s a big coat I wore in my city! I was happy-happy that it was cold enough for me to wear my coat! Guess how cold it was??  It was 56 degrees! I got hot to say the least! LOL!

For this season and upcoming seasons, think big and add color to your wardrobe! If you’re looking for an oversized coat that you won’t get tired of go with a bold solid color to wear with your basics! I also love big pockets for a more dramatic look!




Green CoatAlternative White Tee | Express Denim | Neon Clutch 

I’ve started a project to help teens that need assistance going to their prom! If you would like to donate please visit: www.prombeautiful.org! 😃


One Comment Add yours

  1. Carla says:

    Loving that green coat on you! For some reason I have been having a love affair with outerwear this season. I want to buy every coat I see. I also live in the south and am doing my best to show some restraint. But I completely understand throwing on a fab coat as soon as the temperature starts to drop!


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