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  1. Nada aka MDSteelerGal says:

    This is Hilarious – they say Great Minds! I literally bookmarked this blouse yesterday, the denim and the white one. I love it. It’s cold in DC/MD – but, it’s definitely on my list for Spring.

  2. Onesmartlady87 says:

    Yes a cute look for Spring!!

  3. Jessica Scott says:

    Is the denim top available in stores or online anywhere?

    1. youngatstyle says:

      ????? There is a link above that reads ‘Denim Top’… Click on it

  4. Vicki Miles says:

    Where can I find that denim top

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Under ‘I’M WEARING’…

  5. Tiffany says:

    That Denim top is everything. I just ordered it! I was a little skeptical because of the site, but it looks fabulous on you! What size did you order?

    1. youngatstyle says:

      I ordered the XS. You will be pleased! 😊

  6. Tiffany says:

    Omg Really! I ordered a M, it’s gonna be Huge! 😩

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