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  1. tiffany bradford says:

    Your sense of style is impeccable thank you for adding the links I have several items and I receive so many compliments…… Where can I find these glasses? On Mar 2, 2016 8:54 PM, “YOUNG AT STYLE” wrote:

    > youngatstyle posted: ” The moment you turn your fav dress into > your fav jacket… xx HAVE FUN IN YOUR CLOSET! I’M WEARING: Striped > Jacket | Old Jean | Express Cami | Pink Heel | Handbag ” >

  2. Teneha says:

    Love that you repeat items. You show us how to use what we have in our closet in multiple ways. Love that! Plus, you keep your blog simple. I don’t have to scroll through 100 pages to find out where you got a shirt. Nor, do you over load us with brand promotions. You are a breathe of fresh air! I can tell you do this because you love it not for insta followers, money or fame. Thank you!

  3. Onesmartlady87 says:

    Yass! I love the styling options you’ve given us – please include more of these!!! It’s fun to mix and match items in your closet!!

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