Denim (White) Love


Happy Day! As seasons change and we mature—there’s one thing that will never get old! My common belief? When in doubt, go denim (and white)! My love for denim has always been close to my heart! LOL! There was a time however when I was crazy about pairing black tops with white bottoms that I never wore denim tops with anything. Now you can say I’m making up for lost times! I love a good denim shirt!


I paired a denim wrap top with a pair of extreme wide leg white trousers. By the way a wide leg trouser will look amazing on any frame! Now, that is BOMB!


Denim Wrap Top | Boutique Trousers, Alternative | Express Heel



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  1. ivytrends says:


    1. youngatstyle says:

      Thank you, Ivy T! 💁🏾

  2. Yasmin says:

    I LOVE this!! 💓 👍🏾

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Thank you! 😄

  3. Tamala Smith says:

    Where did you purchase the pants?

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Per ‘I’M WEARING’…. These are old pants, however please click the ‘alternative’ link for a similar pair.

  4. sewsincity says:

    yessss, love the denim top! I have the perfect chambray to make up in a similar style.

  5. Yessss ma’am!

  6. jessica Washington says:


  7. Sheronda says:

    No link for the shoes!?

    1. LaShoundra Young says:

      Hello.. during this post a link wasn’t available. But have similar in a variety of colors

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