Basic Stripes 

Happy Day! I’m short (5’2”- I know it doesn’t look like it in my pics sometimes) so I can be very picky with my skirts. Especiallyyyyy if they hang past the knees because this can make you look shorter! BUT! This particular skirt fits like a glove (sucks everything in!) and doesn’t swallow me up. Now skirts like this can definitely hang out with me.

You don’t really need any crazy jewelry for a style like this because it’s already so poppin’ with the green tank and print! I couldn’t pass up on a cuff though – I wear it when I need something bold for my simplicity world. Before I go can we just talk about these black lace-up style heels for a second. Notice they accessorize the outfit without all the extra accessories. BOO-YA!


Striped Skirt | Target Style Tank | F21 Backpack

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I usually don’t post about current events, politics, etc on my blog. However, I felt a need to. I have been torn and saddened by the recent events of police brutality. Honestly, I feel helpless. I feel like no matter what I say or do such things will continue. I yearn for other races, particular white Americans to get an understanding. For them to DESIRE an understanding. I am 34 years old and NEVER thought I would witness blatant hate against another race. I view my local newsthread regarding the recent police brutality and see the hate evident in comments. I think to myself this can not be real. It can’t be. Gosh, my brain is perplexed. As I type this I’m even more confused. I have a black son, black husband & father and the thought they could literally ‘be next’ is mindboggling.

Perception \\ Martin, Castile, and others were black. I wonder what America would say if they were white. Imagine it. Would the perception be different?

Purpose \\ Although I feel helpless I must find my purpose in all of this. We all must find our purpose. It may be protesting, calling local politicians, or even your local police station to encourage change. Find your purpose through the storm.

**I leave you with this song: Better Days by Le’Andria Johnson


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