Redbook Reveal…

OMMMGGGGG! What a great summer this has been! Like, GRREEAAATT!

Remember I had you all vote for me to be featured on the cover of Redbook Magazine? Well, pretties a couple of weeks after voting I received an email congratulating me for being one of the winners for the Real Women, Real Style contest! EKKKKK! 

So here we are!! Enjoy this post as I take you behind the scenes of an unforgettable journey. Sometime in June me and family traveled to New York City for 2 days to shoot for the cover with 5 other amazing winners: Jessie, Bertha, Megan, Sharifa, & Kayla!

On Saturday, we all had individual fittings with Redbook’s glam team! Honey, they had our pictures on style boards with various looks. Each board represented each girl’s style… And I must say they had our style to a T. There were racks of clothing, shoes, & accessories. It was definitely a closet come true! Hehehe!

So here we are to SUNDAY- the big day! Redbook arrange car service to pick us up about 7am for the photoshoot. We ate breakfast, talked, snapped pictures & got to know one another better!

We were paired as a team and styled for each shot. For majority of the day we changed clothes, ate, took pictures, changed clothes again, makeup, hair- all in between! We had celebrity photographer Peter Yang! Mr. Yang is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, ESPN and The New York Times Magazine, and has shot campaigns for Pepsi, Tylenol and Bank of America, among others. He was sooo cool and laid back! He really put us at ease the entire time.

In between shots, we were individually interviewed by Cosmopolitan staff about our personal style and what has influenced our fashion sense. We were at the studio for about 12 hours and honey let me tell you- we were tiiieeedddd! Everyone was wonderful, the fashion director Jennifer Hitzges was a dream to work with. This is truly something I will never forget, ever.


Redbook’s September issue features the winners of our third annual Redbook Real Women Style Awards – a nationwide search to celebrate authentic, fashion-forward women with real bodies and real budgets. The six winning fashionistas hail from all over the country – from Washington and California to Alabama and New York – have real full-time jobs, real budgets and no celebrity stylists helping them get their fabulous stylish looks. In addition to being featured on the September 2016 cover; the winners are also featured in a multi-page editorial feature inside the magazine sharing their beauty tips and fashion advice. The September issue hits newsstands August 16. Be sure to pick up a copy!

Enjoy the behind the scenes photos & videos from the day! Also click here to check out this behind the scenes video and to get some style tips from each of us!

Thank you ALL for the unwavering support! And many thanks to Redbook for this amazing opportunity! I am forever humbled and grateful for the experience.

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