Plaid + Pumps

Allow me to start this post by saying: I love this outfit.  It’s easy going, wrapped in a lot of street style! I think because some of the pieces aren’t ‘standard’- take my crop AND flared jeans paired with a not-so-typical high heel. Some may say this look (especially the heel) is unattractive, somewhat conservative- but I think it’s pretty fab! 

I love when some outfit combinations become trendy, modern, & hip because it teaches us to have an open mind. 

Rethink your wardrobe!  


What if you could re-style your clothes from the pieces you already own?! You would probably have more money in the bank and hubby would be HAPPY! You know what you want to wear. You’re frustrated with not having the right clothes. But you don’t know where to begin. You’re stuck! No worries- I’m here to help!  For my STYLE IS: Discover event you will learn: 

•It’s HOW an item is styled that makes the difference. It’s all in the details.  

•Style is a package deal and very much a sum of individuality. 

•and it’s ALL in your closet!  


I hope to see you OCTOBER 22! Click HERE for details and ticket info! 


Plaid Top  | Gap Jeans- ON SALE | Express Heel


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