New Products In My Makeup Bag

Soooo tired! *shrugs 😏 
Soooo tired! *shrugs 😏 

Hey y’all! For today’s post, I’m sharing several new products in my makeup bag that I’ve added to my every day routine. The products I’m highlighting today are MAC’s Strobe Creme in Peachlite  and Velvet Teddy lipstick, CLINIQUE’s foundation in Golden & BECCA’s Highlighter in Opal.

It’s a quick and easy ‘picture show’😌 (I hope to do tutuorial one day😩), so I hope you enjoy! I’m incorporating these products into my routine because I’ve noticed that as the weather gets colder, my skin needs an extra boost! This look is light and natural and so is the lipstick! Let’s gooooo! 😆


Sweater | Sequin Leggings

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  1. Angel says:

    I debated on buying those leggings from Express but they look good on you!! What kind of shoes did you wear with them?

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