This is not Ancient Greece, but this is Fashion Land for sure 😬. Romans meet Greeks on the streets of every town anywhere in 2017. I am loving my straps that cage my feet all the way to my knees – very chic! Black ones are quite the dark edgy statement, nude ones elongate of course, and white ones (in fewer straps) look kinda posh. Colored ones… I don’t fancy, but I’ll take gold or silver styles anytime. Heels too please. 🙂 Anywhoo…enjoy the post!


Ruffle Blouse | Old Shorts     | Caged Heels  

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Lake says:

    Those shoes are Hot Hot Hot!!!!


  2. Troy says:

    You did that Sister…i am feeling cage-ish too….luv the look.


  3. Valerie357 says:

    Where can I find those shorts..🔥🔥🔥


  4. Jimmice says:

    This outfit…… let me just say how chic. It’s really saying to me "Confidence". Love love love this outfit.


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