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Everyone always seems to ask me what my evening routine is and how I make time for ‘self’ in my busy lifestyle. The reason I haven’t posted anything about it on my blog in forever is because it’s ever-changing. Life is BUSY, and one week rarely looks like another. For a long time, I thought I needed a strict routine that I stuck to in order to stay disciplined and sane, but I quickly realized that just wasn’t a possibility. If I restricted myself to a scheduled routine, then all I would end up doing was missing on relaxation due to something with work getting in the way. I had to figure out that just relaxing needed to be my “routine”- and it could look a thousand different ways. So here it is! Reading!

As y’all know, I am constantly on the go. I work full time, a wife and mother! Whether it’s going to my son’s baseball game, spending time with my husband, or editing videos or pictures all night, I feel like my life never slows down! For a long time I just thought, “Well, this is how it is. Maybe one day I’ll have time to do extra.” This is not the way it’s supposed to be! When I wasn’t reading, I just felt scattered- I wasn’t resting well at night and my mind didn’t feel like it was reaching its highest potential. My husband encourages me to slow down and relax. Recently, I made up my mind to read at least 3-4 nights a week.  I knew that didn’t necessarily mean I would be able to read an hour or even 30 minutes; it just needed to be something. Reading has slowly started becoming a part of my lifestyle!

The goal for me was to find something I really liked so I could make it a regular thing. By the way my favorite authors are RM Johnson and Kimberla Lawson Roby. Thank me later! 💁🏾📚Currently, I’m reading The Million Dollar Demise by RM Johnson.


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    Amen…lol..we luv ur spirit.

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