It ain’t Gucci…

Here’s the thing… we have all seen the bloggers and celebrities sporting the Gucci belt. I must say that I love the simplicity of it so I went and searched for it online. But to my surprise (well kind of), the price was beyond my coin purse! I’m not knocking those that work the Gucci, but I just can’t afford it. That’s basically two car notes for me.

As I searched one of my fav online stores, I came across this serpent belt and another Gucci like belt. I fell in love – not only with the price – but the beauty! I couldn’t wait to pair them with simple pieces that would too make a statement.
Popularity doesn’t mean equal affordability, so stay within your budget! So the next time you see something that’s more than your car note or mortgage, head on over to your fav online stores that will probably cost you the same as a tank of gas. You can be cute on a budget. Always remember: It ain’t Gucci, but it’s mine!

Top | Denim | Clutch | Taupe Duster | Belt | Heel

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  1. Tricia says:


  2. delightfullystyled says:

    Ok, this was well said!!! I have seen it, and can’t afford it myself.. I can appreciate bloggers like you to keep it real for other bloggers..

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m a new follower of yours and I absolutely love this post! I can’t see myself flossing around town in some designer-made threads knowing I’m in student loan debt…no matter how cute it is!

  4. You nailed it – great look

  5. Sarah says:

    Thank you for spelling it out to those who break their necks and pockets to keep up with in crowd as they say. I’ve always loved your style since you started your blog. Killem with cuteness and affordability 😘

  6. Yalana says:

    I love the outfit!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that searches for clothing online that looks just like the designer wear but is more affordable. People are sleeping on Shein, Cichic, Romwe, etc!!!

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Girl, and sleeping hard! #WakeUp

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