Style Evolution 

Evolution of anything can be good. I believe it’s a term that means maturity. Growth. We evolve due to life experiences and inner growth.

I tend to believe my personal style has evolved due to all the above mentioned. When I started blogging I didn’t grasp that it meant to display something of self: personality. I found myself mimicking other fashion bloggers until one day I realized ‘This can’t be the blogger life. I’m bored as heck. AND THIS ISN’T ME!’ It may sound dumb- but I thought I ‘had’ to behave a certain way or my blog or fashion style had to be a certain way.

When I stripped myself of that I started being ME. I wanted my personality to shine. I wanted everyone to know who YOUNGATSTYLE really was. After weeks of revamping SELF- I started to enjoy blogging and interacting with my followers.

Get this- I STOPPED CARING what others had to say about MY style. Some days I feel like wearing colors, subtle prints and most days I feel like wearing a basic tee and denim. My mind is ever changing- and I like that about ME! I stopped putting myself in this box of how they wanted me to dress and I started being what I wanted people to know.
When people ask what’s your style don’t put your self in a box. Just say: my style is whatever the day brings!


Express Sweater | Denim | Bootie | Old Purchased Clutch | Tassel Earrings

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  1. Brittney says:

    I love that sweater! What size did you get it? I want to make a purchase and I want it to fit exactly like yours does

    1. youngatstyle says:

      Hello! I am wearing an XS 🙂

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