Classic Blazer + GIVEAWAY

As much as I love wearing new things, I’d say that in many ways, wearing my tried and true favorites is what I love the most. In fact, most of my truly favorite possessions, the pieces I love the most, have been with me for months, if not years. Like old friends you can always rely on 💁🏾, I can count on them to make an outfit and make me feel great while I wear them every time. Every. Time. 😌

I’ve had this blazer for awhile, yet never quite got over how casual and versatile it is! Check out how I styled it previously! 
✨For a chance to win a $25 gift card (of your choice), let me know in the comments which outfit is your fav! Winner will be announced Saturday, January 14 on my INSTAGRAM! Post below! 😃


Old Purchase Blazer, Alternative, AlternativeF21 Faux Leather Leggings | Red Boots | Belt Alternative 

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  1. Adaomma Swanson says:

    I like the look with the red boots. The way you stayed the blazer, it doesn’t even look like the same blazer. Fabulous!

  2. Chenique Jeffress says:

    I like the one with the belt and boots. The accessories for this look make the coat and look pop.

  3. Vanessa Corbitt says:

    I love any outfit with basic colors like black, grey or white, then a pop of red! It’s Sophistication with Fire!!

  4. Tori says:

    My vote is for Outfit#2….with the red boots

  5. Mrs. Marsh says:

    Even though I think both looks are cute. I’m more for the casual classic look. So….I would go with the classic faux leather slacks with the POP of color red boots😍. Loooved it! Also the black belt snatches that waist in just right to SET IT OFF! You go girl!🤣🤣🤣

  6. Rondonlyn says:

    I like the outfit with the boots. The red boots speak volumes with this outfit. I love the splash of color.

  7. Ranisha says:

    How can I choose when both looks are so fly and classic? However I think that my favorite look is look #1 (white tee and jeans). I love to take the most basic pieces from my wardrobe and pair them with pieces like the classic blazer.

  8. Ashley A says:

    You completely SLAY both outfits, but for me I like the blazer with the jeans and heels. This outfit is versatile and chic enough that you can wear it to work them leave and go and have drinks or dinner with you family and friends.

  9. Kisha Oliver says:

    I love both ways , but I love the previous way you styled it a little more😊

  10. Tawona says:

    My favorite is the 2nd look with the red boots!

  11. Georgina says:

    Great blog

  12. Tammie says:

    It’s hard for me to pick being that both looks are fabulous per usual for you. However, I think since I must choose one I will say the look with the red boots, and faux leather pants is bossy! I love how you worked that one with the accent of the belt as well! U’re bossy girlfriend! #stayslaying #truetoyou ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Dana says:

    I like the one with the belt and red boots

  14. Sonja Butler says:

    With red being my absolute favorite color, I am drawn to the style with those boots!
    But when I go casual, the first look is how I love to rock it!! Casual with a sense of pulled togethernes!!! Love it!!😍

  15. Roxana Roberson says:

    The look with the blazer, faux leather leggings, and the pop with red boots screams unforgettable forever fashion. Love love love this look

  16. LaShawn says:

    I love the look with the red boots! The blazer screams boss & the boots fierce. It’s a great way to dress up jeans. You look fabulous as usual!

  17. Melanie says:

    I luv the outfit with red boots.

  18. Deja says:

    I absolutely love the look with the red boots. Red is my favorite color and the pop of color is everything with that belt and black pant. Yassssss!

  19. Courtney Hall says:

    Young@style, you always come thru with cutting edge and IN-YOUR-FACE fashion! I love the look with the red boots and how you belted the jacket. To me, this accentuates your features and defines your waist. It says “I’m not afraid to stand out and be BOLD.” I think this outfit takes a classic jacket and transforms it from business to fashion-show chic!!

  20. Tina Sanders says:

    you always come thru with the FABULOSITY!! love all the looks that it’s so hard to choose, but I must say my absolute favorite is “GREEN LOVE “

  21. Likita says:

    My favorite would be the red boot combo. Love how you added the pop of color to spice the look up. I’m also loving the belt combo to add the variety of texture to this look!

  22. Likita. F says:

    Let’s retry this with following specific directions, again, reading is fundamental. lol.

    It was hard to pick only only one,obviously, but this is my absolute FAVORITE ❤️. I love everything about this look. Why? Possibly because black is one of my favorite colors to wear. But I love how you added the hint of red to spice up the look, as I stated in my previous comment( wrong entry). I would wear every piece. This outfit spoke to me because it’s my style and you rocked the hell out of this look! Sorry about my confusion!

  23. You never ever everrrr disappoint. The pop of red is fantastic!

  24. Gabriela says:

    Black snd white and “Red” all over is everything. Yes, that is what is see. It’s simply sleek and sophicstion at its best.

  25. Jacquice says:

    I like how you styled the jacket but red boots is my favorite!

  26. Chinyere Wami says:

    I had a hard time deciding but my fave would have to be the black and white outfit with the black pointy toe pumps, Simply because that is how I would wear the blazer. However I love how the Red boots gave the second outfit the perfect pop of color. When it comes to pops of color you can never go wrong with red. I will most definitely be buying my blazer from forever 21 and Ill tag you on insta so you can see how I styled it. Thanks for the inspo.

  27. Celena says:

    The blazer with the red boots is poppin!

  28. Jana says:

    You did that with the Red boots !!!! Although I love both but I’ll have to choose the one with the red boots

  29. WyKesha Foster says:

    I love the blazer and the white tee. Clean, chic versatile look

  30. My choice would be look #1 from November. It’s simple, classic, has clean lines and it’s an effortless look. You can go anywhere in that ensemble and the minimal jewelry adds the perfect touch! In addition to simplicity & versatility, you look wealthy. Not rich, but wealthy! Yes ma’am!!!

  31. Angela B says:

    To be honest, I like both looks. If I had to choose only one look for me to personally wear it would be the outfit with the red boots. You, look fabulous in everything!

  32. Samantha Welch says:

    This look is everything to me! These red boots are everything and add a pop of colour to the outfit that I love.Belting the blazer accentuates your waist and transforms it for me, looks like a completely different blazer. I love that its so versatile and that you’re showing it’s versatility so well. I swear you can do no wrong for me. Keep slaying LaShoundra!

  33. Yalana says:

    I like the look with the red boots!!! I love the splash of color.

  34. Kianne says:

    I like both but love the way you styled #2

  35. I love it both ways but the second look is my fav! Mainly because it is the most flattering to my body type. Xoxo

  36. Mel Gray says:

    I totally LOVE this look with the RED BOOTS. Its the right amount of Class with a PUNCH of Colour, yes COLOUR darling LOL . This look says HI my name is ….. and I came to SLAY and leave the room with everyone hoping for my RETURN.

  37. Lena says:

    I prefer the look with Denim jeans! I just don´t like red color even though it´s trending now.

  38. Bernadette Thompson says:

    I like both of them !! Since I have to choose I choose the outfit with the jeans and white t-shirt❤❤

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