Don’t Blame Me

The graphic tee is certainly a wardrobe staple. Once considered the weekend -cleanup – lounge around – wash the car wardrobe and paired with sweats, shorts and flip flops, BUUTTT thank God for evolution. The graphic tee has had a high fashion make over. The graphic tee is no longer considered the “throw on” tee; instead, it is a fun and fashion-forward piece that can help add YAS to any outfit. Everybody has at least one graphic tee in their wardrobe, meaning that anyone can get with this look. 💁🏾‍♀️

Because a graphic tee will become an instant focal point for your outfit, it’s important that you choose the right tee to suit your style. If you have any tees in your closet that you haven’t worn in a while then now might be the perfect time to dig them out: they are highly loved and sell online for hundreds of dollars! Yes, you read that correctly! So y’all know I was excited when I browsed Polka Dot Posh tees I found them not only affordable, but CAYUTE (cute)!!!! I browsed the site and had a hard time choosing my fav. LOL. I decided to go with one that represented my faith: Blame It On Jesus #Blessed. By the way, if you’ve been following me for a while on IG then you the Glow up is real. 😆

With this look, you don’t have to stick to the minimalist fashion rules with ways to wear a graphic tee. Feel free to add sunglasses, jewelry, and a funky belt or even a floppy hat to accessorize your look. I decided to add a ring belt to add a small flare! Check out other tees on Polka Dot Posh! Tell her I sent ya’!


Tee | Levi’s Denim | Heels | Target Handbag, White available | Belt

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  1. Teresa says:

    I love this top. I need a blouse with the back out with rhinestomes

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