Still Summer

Just yesterday we were screaming, “YAY, IT’S SUMMER TIME!” And gosh-darnit I’m screaming it until October 😌. With the exception of the blazing sun, I really like the summer months. I like the idea of going to the beach, wearing sandals, basking in the sun, family reunions eating watermelon & chicken, sitting on the porch braiding hair & so on! *Long sigh

I shall not give up on summer! Think about it, when summer is officially over that’s like getting off a vacation and having to go back to work to face reality. Lets think of summer as being on a vacation – not quite ready to get back to work. Call your job and tell them you are extending your vacation days. You’ll be back next Monday. 😌


Striped Set | Heels | F21 Tank

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  1. Tangela says:

    Where can I purchase this outfit?

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