The Greatest Hood

Hey y’all! I’m keeping it casual/cool in this graphic sweatshirt and camo sheer skirt. I’ve always been a huge fan of mixing simple with glam. The details of this skirt make it easy to skip the accessories for this look.

By adding a chic pair of heels, you can transition this look easily from day to night. If you’re experiencing chilly weather where you are, then you can add a legging and/or a leather jacket to edge up the look.

Speaking of chilly, we were 75 degrees last week now it’s a FREEZING 🥶 40 degrees today!

BTW, some days it’s just darn near impossible to mom. There is no harder job than motherhood and no more important job either! Us moms…we’re warriors, owie healers, chefs, caretakers, chauffeurs, kiss givers, saints, actors, artists, cleaners, playmates, and multitaskers. Darn…it’s tough. BUT WE GET THE JOB DONE! 💪


Sweatshirt | Sheer Camo Skirt | Adidas

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