I Have To Tell You Something

I am learning the foundation of happiness: God. Happiness is built on something so much greater than people and ‘stuff’. I was broken – and am still broken – to pieces. But The Lord is allowing my brokenness to build me up wiser and better than before.

Brokenness is a blessing because it puts us on the road to a breakthrough. He is doing some mighty things in my life behind the scenes & I’m not talking about a new car or a new home. I’m speaking of a calming mind, a calming spirit.

Jesus continues to revel Himself to me; through His Word, my family and my closest friends. I’m growing and changing & I am in a place right now where I get emotional thinking about how God kept me when I didn’t want to be kept.

My life isn’t perfect by any means but I’m sharing this because God is GOODt! LOL! To know that there is a God who we can lean on and have a personal relationship with if we allow Him, is the best thing I can tell you on today.

He’s navigating me through this crazy life. Although scared, I’m LEARNING to trust Him.🙈

So back to the purpose of this post – I Have Something To Tell You – Allow God to reveal Himself to you. I will leave you something to ponder on: What does God want you to say yes to?

Have an incredible Easter! 🌸🐭


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  1. Woww so good!!! God bless you and happy Easter to you and the fam!!

  2. Motricia Burks says:

    You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. God is my all and all. We can not make it without him. Wishing nothing but greatness for you.

  3. Danielle Smith says:

    This was an absolutely beautiful message! One thing for sure God is able and that he gives us peace that surpasses all understanding!! He heals, provide and protect us even when we feel at out lowest point! Thank God for your testimony that you were able to share with the world! I don’t know you personally but you as a twin like me it seems as if I’ve known you spiritually (insider) I hope you are the baby twin just like me lol!! Love you my Facebook best friend 😘

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