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  1. Reiko says:

    I absolutely agree. We gave control over how we feel thus how we dress. I just had a baby two months ago but even though I am mommy mode , I make it a point to at least look pulled together when I leave the house .

    I stay at home with the baby but I find when I stay in my pajamas all day, I am less productive . So I at least those on a dress and earrings around the house . It makes me feel like I’m not in a deep mommy home . Great topic!

    1. youngatstyle says:

      I could not agree more! I too notice a difference of how I dress fro work. If I put on ‘anything’-which is a result of me rushing or getting up too late- for work I am less productive. However, if I take my time to prepare the night before and not it the snooze button that allows my mind to be at ease, thus taking time to make myself pretty! 🙂 LOL! Clothing really does affect the mind!

  2. Isha Jenkins says:

    I agree. It is amazing how your clothes can make you feel and how depending on how you feel you pick your clothes. So much can be said about this. I have really tried to do better, but with 5 children, full time job, personal development, and building a business just to name a few roles I juggle I find myself making due with what I can put together at the time… but as a seamstress I realize to that this effects my life tremendously.

  3. Teneha says:

    I am a Adjunct Instrutor/Trainer, MBA student and wife who has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which effects your mood because of the hormone imbalance. Most days when going to work or school, I don’t feel like getting dressed so I find myself throwing on the easiest thing. Even though I am a shopaholic, I don’t wanna wear my new cute stuff to work or school so I rotate the same clothes almost every week or every other and have been for at least a year. Which puts me in a negative mood cause I don’t feel beautiful when I do this…I feel boring! It doesn’t affect my work and school performance, but I just don’t feel like those environments deserve my best, which I know is wrong thinking. But, on the weekends, I’m in full glam mood and I feel really good about myself even if I’m just going to the movies with my husband. Now I am wondering why don’t I care as much about my professional self image as I do about my personal self image. Hmm, something for me to think about!

    1. Stephanie Jackson says:

      I feel you, I do it BIG on the weekends! But during the week sometimes I’m really not feeling it. I admit, I dress according to my mood at times.

  4. Stephanie Jackson says:

    I love fashion. I have since I was a little girl. Now, as a 35 year old woman, I still love fashion. I find myself putting on my best when I go to church, which is normally a few times a week, and when my husband and I have date night, usually every Saturday evening. I think to myself, when I look good I feel good. But when I’m not feeling good, I could really care less what I put on. I wear my sadness and I wear my happiness.

  5. youngatstyle says:

    My biggest insecurity came after the birth of my son— stretch marks & the worsening of my eczema! I didn’t want to wear swim suits of course and I styled my clothes purposely to ‘hide’ these imperfections! But one day, I told myself this is MY body– the body that God gave me! How can I hide anything or be ashame of His creations. Soon after that I ‘let go’! I was able to embrace my insecurities and style my clothes according to my new found happiness– in ME!

  6. Donna Seale says:

    I find it increasing difficult to get dressed for work these days. Ive lost my funky fresh. I wear the same ole style and I have noticed that my productivity is also in a rut. No higher, no lower ; just the same. On the odd occasion when I make a little effort with my clothes, my work days are kinder, shorter and more meaningful. How I feel in my clothes really does make the difference .

    1. Onesmartlady87 says:

      Same here – when I first started working I was always on point but after 25 years at the same company (different departments) I’ve lost my motivation!

  7. Chasity says:

    Very interested in this topic. For me fashion is deeper than looking attractive externally. It is how I express myself and an extension of myself. In particular when I’m having a bad day or a bad night before I generally dress better to lift my spirits. I’ve always loved the beauty of womanhood and fashion is an outward extension of that. I can’t wait to hear more from you. In the meantime as the youngsters would say continue to slay the blog world.

  8. youngatstyle says:

    Let’s talk about flat shoes! I thought I couldn’t live without my heels– until the lastest brands revealed some of the most amazing flat shoes! I usually pair mine with a midi skirt or hi-low skirt with a tee!

  9. hotlipsss says:

    Im all about the high heels. Im really quite short but the flats I see these days are too cute and very tempting. I would wear flats with a maxi dress.

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