Comfy Denim Vest

         Comfy is good! Comfy is stylish! 😎 xx HAVE FUN IN YOUR CLOSET! I’M WEARING: F21 Longline Vest, Alternative | Leopard Clutch | Olive Pump I’ve started a project to help teens that need assistance going to their prom! If you would like to donate please visit:! 😃

Extreme Vest

         In case you thought an extreme vest wasn’t for you -think again! An extreme vest (as I call it LOL) works well for all of us; it hides the bellies & distract attention away from them, gives us extra warmth, edgy, chic… You get the idea! Get one! 🙂 xx HAVE FUN…

Fringe Jacket 

        Oh, how I love fringe ! I declare anything fringe is the perfect accessory to ANY outfit! 😜🤗 xx HAVE FUN IN YOUR CLOSET! I’M WEARING: F21 Fringe Sweater | F21 Tee | Express Denim | F21 Bootie

Denim Jumpsuit 

   It’s up to you to determine how to wear your denim jumpsuit; but the best part about determining is you have many options. They’re easy to wear and require very little maintenance. Some perfect ways to style your denim romper are: flats, heels, blazers, belt, leather jacket, large necklace, scarf, ankle boots, fedora hat,…

Basic Basic Basic 

            You can never in life go wrong with your basics: add accessories & keep it moving! ✊🏾💁🏾 I’M WEARING: Cami | Express Denim | Backpack | Old Shoe, Alternative | F21 HAT | Sunglasses xx HAVE FUN IN YOUR CLOSET! SHOP MY ONLINE STORE! LUV, YAS